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Paint Correction

If your paint is hazy, dull, cloudy and has swirls and holograms, paint correction is the art of removing these imperfections. N2 Details is a paint correction specialist.

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paint correction on genesis

Let's Remove Those Harsh Defects

Your clear coat protects your paint, so it is appropriate to take the brunt of any flying road debris, especially during the winter when deicing throws up everything from rock salt and sand to grit, ice, and snow. Rubbing up against your car with rough clothing or tapping the surface with keys, purses, briefcases, and even grocery bags can cause light scratches. Not to mention inexperienced detailers, automatic car washes, and Do-It-Yourselfers washing with an improper technique are also sources of those holograms and scratches.

As a paint correction specialist, Diana is an expert at diagnosing paint surfaces, starting with a paint meter gauge to measure the thickness of the clear coat and ensure clear coat preservation. After we perform the paint correction, we will apply a long-lasting sealant.

Add Value Back To Your Car

Paint correction not only restores the visual quality of your vehicle but also its value by restoring its brilliant “like new” shine. 

Remove Defects

Brilliant Shine

Look Like New

Restore Value

2006 mercedes benz black 7907 by n2 details sterling va
1969 corevette stingray paint correction by n2 details
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