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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Auto Detailing is an art and science, here are some of our customer’s most common questions answered.

Common Questions

You’ve probably noticed that cars and trucks cost more today than they used to, and with financing sometimes reaching 72 months, that puts a great deal of burden on you, the car and truck owner, to take care better of your vehicle. In fact, buying an automobile is an investment, and most smart buyers know how important it is to protect that investment for as long as you own the vehicle.

Automotive Detailing is the art and science of maintaining, or restoring, a vehicle at the absolute highest level of care so that when you get ready to sell or trade it, you can get as much return on that investment as possible. N2 Details strives to clean your vehicle so it looks and smells as close to showroom quality as possible, and that includes revitalizing older, neglected vehicles, to give them renewed sustainability.

If you have never had your vehicle detailed, it may be because you have heard the misleading myths about detailing. Since, your vehicle has been called one of the worst investments you can make in terms of immediate depreciation, routine detailing gives it a parachute to slow down that depreciation!

Contrary to popular belief, new car paint is far from perfect!

Auto manufacturers use robotic painters that often leave thick and uneven paint. Then once your vehicle leaves the manufacturer, it travels by railway or freight where it gets dusty and stung by road and rail debris. More often than not, it sits in a railway or dockside storage area before being shipped to the dealership, and then it gets worse.

Once it arrives at your dealership, it is manhandled by delivery personnel, mechanics, service department personnel, sales representatives, and numerous potential buyers!

Yes, it may be shining when you drive it off the car lot, but few dealerships have a professional detailer and paint correction specialists on staff to provide the kind of perfection you deserve when you buy your vehicle. Usually an intern or part-timer gives it a quick wash and vacuum and sends you on your way. Some even run it down the street to a nearby automated car wash.

In the perfect world, every new car buyer should make an appointment with Diana on their way home from the dealership so she can give you a fair assessment of the paint, and immediately correct any imperfections, and, add a ceramic coating to protect it.

Of course we don’t live in a perfect world, but you can always take steps toward it, right?

A ceramic coating is a protective layer that physically bonds with your vehicle’s clear coat, providing far superior all-around protection compared to waxes and sealants. The layer of protection that a ceramic coating provides is measurably thicker and more chemically resistant. That bond proves beneficial against the elements, bird droppings, bugs, acid rain, tree sap, ultraviolet radiation age, road salts, and more. The thicker chemical-resistant coating, such as offered by Dr. Beasley’s, the more difficult for these types of contaminates to penetrate the paint surface.

Additional benefits include an incredibly deep gloss and ease of maintenance, resists dirt, where the surface remains cleaner for longer. With proper care and regular cleaning, your vehicle remains cleaner and ultimately contributes to resale value.

Paint correction is the removal of defects like scratches, holograms, and marring from the clear coat. This will restore the luster and gloss so that your vehicle looks like new. 

Our recommendation is to have your car detailed at least once a year, preferably twice a year. Once in the Spring after the last frost so your interior can be detailed thoroughly to remove grit and grime from the winter weather and the exterior can be cleaned to remove road salt grime.

We then recommend a detail six months later, prior to winter weather setting in so your car can be protected against road salts. Check out our Spring into Summer and Fall into Winter packages.

Most “Old Cars Like New” details are completed in one full day, usually overnight. Your car will be tucked away overnight in our garage. Vehicles which require a paint correction, advanced stain removal or other technical services or ceramic coatings will require two or more days in the N2 Details garage.

Absolutely, we always give a free one-on-one consultation. This helps us tailor solutions to the exact needs of your vehicle to ensure we meet your expectations. Give us a call!

This will depend on your vehicle’s size, condition and the package or service that meets the needs of you and your vehicle. We always offer a free one-on-one consultation so that we can evaluate your vehicle.

Personal checks, cash, and most major credit cards.

Absolutely not, we only use eco-friendly, safe, and pH balanced products on your vehicle. We pride ourselves on being ‘safe for you, your car, and the environment.’

Yes, we hold multiple accreditations and certifications from the leading auto detailing associations, including Certified Detailer (CD) & Skills Validated (SV) from the International Detailing Association (IDA), Authorized Detailer of Dr. Beasley’s, and the Detailing Success Training Program. This means we are regularly attending and learning from industry events to stay on the cutting edge of products and techniques. 

What are your policies? At N2 Details we request that our customers remove personal and valuable items from the interior and trunk prior to a detail. Items such as portable chargers and cords, money, and jewelry from center consoles and glove boxes. In the trunk or back end of the vehicle please remove items such as golf clubs, and other equipment.

Removing these items ensures that the area will be thoroughly detailed.

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